Community Guidelines


For belonging to Fiesters you are not tagged more than being "open-minded" when it comes to adult leisure.

In Fiesters there are members looking for open relationships, members who are into fetish, BDSM or Shibari. There are also swingers, kinksters, and party-goers looking for flirt or just fun.

2- Your content (photos and videos)

Your profile photo:

Your profile picture: The profile picture must be representative of you. If you are a couple, we always prefer a photo of the two of you.

As profile picture will not be accepted:

  • Photos of a nude or sexual nature
  • Detail photos
  • Blurry and poor-quality photos

We encourage you to join #Nothing2Hide and add a face photo to your profile. Your smile and eyes will surely be the best way to introduce you to the community.

Your Posts (fotos o vídeos):

You must post at least 3 photos in your public or private profile.

If your main goal is to post or view hot bodies on your mobile, Fiesters is NOT your site. Fiesters is a private community designed (among others) to meet like-minded people. Then, and if the opportunity arises, bodies.

Even though it is an "open-minded" community, nude and explicit photos are not allowed and will be removed from your profile when we detect them. Act as in life itself: upload posts that represent you as a person and leave your playful side for private places.

3- Be polite

Fiesters is based on respect and individual freedom. Attitudes that violate these principles toward anyone in our community will not be tolerated.

4- Respect other's privacy

What happens in Fiesters, stays in Fiesters.

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