App Content RULES

Wall: all content posted on your wall will only be visible to your contacts. To ensure proper compliance with the rules, you must take the following into account: 

  • The photos posted on your wall must be representative of your profile, avoiding the exclusive use of comics, drawings, animals, cartoons, landscapes and similar without having representative photos of the user. 
  • Photos of children or minors are strictly forbidden.
  • Publications that promote violence, radical ideas, threats and any other type of aggression are prohibited. 
  • Postings with sexually explicit content are prohibited. 

Profile picture: all profile pictures are public to all users so they should be as representative as possible. 

  • The profile picture may not include nudity, close-up photos of body parts, and avoid the use of lingerie.
  • Face or full body photos will be appreciated to encourage real interaction with other members of the app. 
  • The use of blurred photos or photos with emoticons to hide faces is allowed as long as they do not refer to sexual content in them. 


  • All users of the Fiesters app must adapt a respectful attitude towards other users and the organisation. 
  • Threats through comments, posts or chat are strictly forbidden and will lead to immediate expulsion from the app. 
  • There is the possibility of blocking and reporting publications or other users of the app, and the administration reserves the right to take the appropriate decisions in the case of users who are repeatedly blocked. 
  • The sale of sexual content through the Fiesters app is not permitted. 
  • All users have the right to establish the communication filters they wish and in case of any kind of harassment they can report it to the administration through the official profiles, social networks or email support@fiesters.com. 

The administration reserves the right to delete posts that infringe the community rules and users will be duly notified. In case of repeated infringements of the rules the user may be punished with temporary or permanent expulsion from the Fiesters app depending on the degree of infringement, and always being previously warned of the rules and request for collaboration on their part.